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Since 1976, Brain Company Ltd. has been serving students and professionals in the educational music world, including concert bands, choirs and orchestras. In addition to tour guidance, other operations include publishing, recording, and producing tools to help musicians and educators domestically and internationally, in an ever-expanding network, offering resources held to the highest standards.

Four decades of awarded service has earned us trusted friendships around the world, an invaluable resource when planning and developing quality cultural exchanges. We value close relationships with clients and partners to create tours as life-changing experiences, handled with the personal touch of a family-owned company.

We have been designing more linguistic, cultural exposure and sports tours for groups to and from America, Australia, Singapore and Taiwan, extending our outreach to new and diverse areas. The vision and confidence of our services remains consistent for each and every tour we operate.

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As fellow musicians, our clients are our friends and our vendors are trusted partners. We all work together to offer your students the experience of a lifetime.


Our itineraries are individually designed to serve your group’s needs and interests.


We have created and facilitated more than 50,000 students with universal success and rave reviews for schools, colleges, community bands and even academic seminars.


Our friends and partners can be found throughout the Asia, the Americas, Australia and Europe, and we are proud to be recognized by leading Music Educator Associations from the United States, including those in Texas, Florida, California, Arkansas, and the Midwest Clinic.


With more than 40 years of experience in educational music, we have worked with thousands of music institutions and associations.


We can also document every step of your tour and provide a DVD for each student in bery high quality format. You can keep your once-a-lifetime experience on DVD and Blu-ray!

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